Mrs. Bumblebee


Summer, it seems, is coming after all. My seasonal dolls are at least relatively firmly convinced of it. Mrs Bumblebee has pointed out to me that the crickets are chirping like crazy. Summer noises. That the garden is more or less exploding with greenery and colour. Another summer sign. There’s still a lot of rain in the air. Will it be a summer like 2020? Wet and not really hot? Again? Whatsoever. Mrs. Bumblebee is building a nest for her babies and doesn’t care too much about human problems.

She stands 16cm/6” tall, and without any help. She’s made of felt, filled with sheep wool from Austria in her head and in her body is a lot of grapeseed to keep her a good standing. Her arms are bendable. I upcycled fabrics for her body, this time especially for her wings.

€ 45 plus S+H (around 15 to 20€ in the EU, please inquire for other destinations)

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