In Austria every public rainbow parade in the summer of 2020 was forbidden, due to Covid. But there was an online Rainbow KAL. After some very colorful beings Mariposa wanted to be knitted. This girl had no head for a very long time, only a white body with light brown legs. Then came the time of #blacklivesmatter and #exitracism. She was really shocked to find out there is an institutional aggression against coloured people in this society. There was a lot of ongoing rumbling inside her, a lot of undisplaced feelings and not knowing how to continue. And building social bridges. So Mariposa ordered to change her skintone. She chose very deep brown felt. The White of her body should be embroidered with amounts of hand crochetted flowers. She said very clearly that she needed precious and heavy shoes made of pearls. It was quite clear to gather her hair with a rainbow in the back. She didn’t stop to raise the issue that she needed an animal spirit – in her case a raven. Ravens stand for „speaking up loud and clearly“ among other things. How clever she is!

handknitted unique being, filled with cotton wadding, felted head, felted, crochetted, embroidered
€215,- plus S+H (around €15,- in the EU, please inquire for other destinations)

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