Isn’t it just magic what can be created with a needle, thread and a small amount of wool? Threads condense into a wide variety of textiles that completely fascinate me. I switch intuitively between crochet and knitting needles. I use the needles of my sewing machine as well as the needles to do stitching by hand. In processes that take hours and hours I‘m happy to sew pearls and sequins on woven fabrics. I can feel my impatience. And it’s the best meditation workshop I’ve ever been in. The pointed felt needle compresses finely carded sheep’s wool into new shapes. Not to forget: the shelves of my studio overflow with special fabric samples, colours, objects found in nature or at a flea market, with malleable material and a wide variety of tools.

Over the last few years, some people told me that my creations bring up repressed feelings and emotions. They suddenly could see themselves more clearly, with their beauty and strength and with their shadows. This was neither intended nor desired. It sounds like a very realistic fairy tale for me. Strengthening people, helping them to be more authentical, emphatical and guided from life deepens the meaning to my devotion and love for this work. Working and playing with different materials is pure bliss to me.

When not working on new creations, I try to share my self-taught knowledge by hosting workshops. We spin our threads of life and weave them into new stories. My online blog sometimes tells the story of one of my art dolls. This secret is usually entrusted to me very early in the morning. Puppet-Theatre Projects with children are a big joy for me. They develop their own stories and perform their project in public. That’s me. Just following the flow…

Magical! Looking at my doll with the fluffy white coat, the key belted around her middle and an animal sitting on her lap I feel encouraged to live my life authentically. Often, we chat a little bit. You know how to make deeply hidden traits, emotions, the unmistakable spark of life visible in your essential works of art. I was able get in contact and appreciate a truly gifted, extraordinary artist.

Christine Haselsberger

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Soft Statues
"In a Mellow Tone"

This Duke Ellington song rises looking at the garden ladies. Their names seem to be Ethel Rose or Claire or Eloise. They are besties. Real and deeply needed friends when it comes to celebrating birthdays. To drown lovesickness in wine. And to really be there when the wind blows rougher on the open sea of life.

“Just go your way

and laugh and play

there’s joy unknown

in a mellow tone!“

Youtube – Manhattan Transfer In a Mellow Tone

Gentle Dragon, female


A Dragon Lady, her name is Sissy

Easter Rabbit, female


Easter Hare, female



She‘s rich, divorced and constantly in new love affairs. Possibly with quite young men. Can also be women. That’s not this clear. The best gardener of all these gardening ladies. Having a so called green finger because she talks with her plants. And only for her pleasure they grow and grow and grow. Her jungle is filled with aromatic smelling blossoms of plants the neighbours had thrown over the garden fence. Some say perhaps she has been a wise witch in another life.



Claire is married to Till, an IT expert. Due to the Corona Virus and the third lockdown in their region he’s allowed to cook in Claire’s kitchen. A good excuse for Claire to escape the household and drink Hugo(s) with her besties. That’s what friends are for. She’s has been a school teacher but would love to be a mother now. Till doesn’t seem to be amused.

Ricarda Rose


A green skinned gardening woman who loves her white kitchen, her rose tea set and singing loud and strong in the shower. She prefers to cook vegan meals and is bests known for her delicious curry. She is crazy about her native gladiolas from mother’s garden, her granddaughter Isabelle and spending her holiday seasons in St. Yves. She’s a lover of hats like Leila Fitzgerald. Very british.

Leila Fitzgerald


This dark skinned gardening lady sings with birds and bees and flowers, prefers sitting houses and wild gardens and not owning them, loves to travel and is costantly touring this planet giving concerts in small gardens, hidden theaters and streams on social media. Most of the time seen with a huge, overloaded hat.

Little Storytellers

One more time in this crazy year they appear in the studio. Colorful and crazy and lovable finger puppets that were created in the first lockdown. Without any instructions, knitted from head to toe or bottom up, just learning by doing. They fit adult fingers as well as smaller hands because they can be turned inside out at the bottom of their bodies. Warning side effect: they can put a smile on (almost) every face and sometimes start conversations!

Currently I make: crocodile, dragonfly, rabbit, ladybird, diverse rainbow beings, badger, bee, butterfly, flox, flower and hedgehog. You don’t find what YOU are looking for? get in touch, I’ll pick up my knitting needles and would love to create new beings.

Handkitted Unique Creatures


I have made the following before:

crocodile, dragonfly, rabbit, ladybird, diverse rainbow beings, badger, bee, butterfly, flox, flower and hedgehog.

Please get in touch for custom ideas!

Fox, Flower and the Candy Rainbow Figure are sold!

Knits & Felts

Does the verb knit crochet exist? No? Well, it should perhaps be integrated in handicraft. Preferably helpful when the brain of an artist needs a break. When the artist should not think too much about future, problems, and other urgent stuff. Or when she watches a movie for her personal pleasure. A vague picture is already there when the artist sees the colour of the wool strands. Slowly but surely the life of a new being starts with the first round. Intuitively. Unplanned. Procedural. And uncontrollable. Animal, human, magical. Colourful and cheerful and glittering, they take on more shape. The head is sculptured with the sharp felting needle. The maker paints with colours and textile structures and materials that life washes into her studio.

Mrs Poppy


Mrs. Bumblebee


Mrs. Flip


“In einem unbegaaaantem Laaaand…” sang Karel Gott decades ago. And we loved her, Maja the Bee, the Grasshopper Flip. I have to think of that today when I photograph the colourful troupe in the morning sun. Hayseed, says my husband. Hayseed, says my family. Or Heuschrecke. Why Mrs. Heuschreck wanted ringed sleeves is beyond my knowledge. But I like them. Glitter and glamour are what my creatures want, and I have nothing to say about that anyway. So, as usual, sequins and pearls are evenly distributed on Mrs. Heuschrecke. She smiles. And wonders why dandelion umbrellas don’t smell like our dandelion honey.

This lady grasshopper stands alone, is approx. 16cm/6” tall, her body is made of warm and cozy felted knitting, filled with grapeseed. Her head’s inside is needle sculpted sheep wool, with buttons for her eyes. I upcycled the felted knitting, the buttons and knitted her feet. Mrs. Flip is a unique piece, created by hand entirely from my and my husband’s imagination.

€ 45 plus S+H (around 15 to 20€ in the EU, please inquire for other destinations)

Listen to your inner voice


Tonight she dreamed that she was sitting at the edge of an ocean at dusk.

Living a Dream


First she wanted to be a very colourful chameleon. The process of knitting turned a little bit out of control. She worried about climbing blue rocks with four legs. She ordered six. Loves to sit on trees and watching birds picking their grains. There is no need to colour the trees blue.

Mrs Stella Mahlzahn


Here she comes! Mrs Stella Mahlzahn is a knitted being with rainbow colours, this time the candy way. There is a golden canine tooth between the white sparkling white teeth. Her legs are moveable, and her tail is embroidered with rainbow sequins. Even the dragon tail is full of candy edges. She promises never ever spitting fire again. She only had to try one time. Please tell me if she kept her promise.

Madame Rainbow Fish


The little rainbow fish has grown up. Still swimming and playing with lots of friends she is happy to swim in your home. She is knitted, filled with cotton wadding, and comes with a stick which is covered by knitted rounds. She sparkles from wool and sequins.

Elvira the Snake


Who could resist these eyes? The Rainbow Snake with the little Crown and the rattle in the tip of her tail is an unbelievable gentle being. She does not seem to hug hard. Maybe because she loves to get hugged.

The Mistress


Her name is Yasmine. She insisted on getting embroidered the word “Herrin” on her shirt. The female part of Mister? Mister and Woman? In any case she finds it refreshing to let her thoughts flow. Who the hell came up with such a word?! A human being?



In Austria every public rainbow parade in the summer of 2020 was forbidden, due to Covid. But there was an online Rainbow KAL. After some very colorful beings Mariposa wanted to be knitted. This girl had no head for a very long time, only a white body with light brown legs. Then came the time of #blacklivesmatter and #exitracism.

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