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Beings, Birdies and Baubles & Bits

I am primarily a doll maker with a passion for creating original, one of a kind beings utilizing  polymer and epoxy clay, fabrics, sticks, wire, yarn, beads, repurposed and found objects and  miscellaneous doo-dads. Each face is intuitively hand sculpted, then painted with layers of  acrylics. I delight in bold colors and expressions, often with exaggerated and/or whimsical features.

I am deeply interested in doll-making as a healing art form and have found that many of my  beings are quite personal; representing some aspect of who I am, who I wish I was or who I  wish I wasn’t. They tend to take a form which also speaks to other’s inner lives and questions  as well; after all, we are all more alike than different. Nothing pleases me more than when a  viewer stands for a length of time, staring into the eyes of one of my beings and is inspired to  initiate a conversation with me about the feelings which have been sparked by the experience.

While some of my beings are deep and serious, many others are purely whimsical. The birdies,  for example, have only one purpose and that is to bring a little light, joy and happiness to the  world. Some spirit dolls honor the elements or other parts of nature. A shaman sometimes  makes an appearance. My newest works are “The Wonkies” – colorful creatures with wild hair  and distorted faces. I never know who or what is next.

I’ve been experimenting and learning this art form for about 12 years and love to be captured  by a new idea or twist. It never gets old. I enjoy teaching in-person classes and volunteering  in my Colorado community in various ways, having retired from a social services career in  Illinois. On occasion, I will make a personalized healing or celebratory doll for an individual  based on their specific needs (please contact me if interested in that possibility) but most of my  creations arise spontaneously in a secret collaboration between my fingers and my  imagination.

As my muse directs, I sometimes also create additional baubles and bits including ornaments,  journals, book marks, mixed media talismans and more. For ease of locating the various kinds  of items, my page has been divided into three distinct sections: THE BEINGS, THE BIRDIES  and BAUBLES & BITS. I hope you enjoy wandering through them all.

If you ever meet one of my beings or birdies face to face, I invite you to pause and lean in  close to hear their whispers. Each has a bit of magic to share and a story to tell.

While recovering from heart surgery, Kathy sent me a list of questions so she could design a doll specially for me. I knew she was a master doll maker but nothing prepared me for the arrival of “The Healer.” It took my breath away. I couldn’t stop staring at him. Such exquisite quality that any museum would be proud to display it. I can’t begin to describe the intricate and personalized details. After hours of looking at the unbelievably life-like face , I called Kathy to thank her but I could not find the words to express the depth of my gratitude. She included photos of the process so I would know the hidden details that she incorporated, yet no one but her and I will ever be aware of. Staring at him seems to trigger some unknown but comforting process similar to a mantra, triggering a deep meditative state. Months later, I still find myself looking into his eyes as though I am waiting for him to share some wisdom. Thank you, Kathy

Don Olendzki

My Products

The Beings

Many of “The Beings” are created upon a base of natural sticks but may have wire arms and hands which may be posed to a certain degree. Some bodies are padded with batting and fabric wrapped. Others are polyfil stuffed. Each face is individually hand sculpted of polymer clay and painted with layers of acrylics. No molds are ever used and no two are alike. Each is truly a “one of a kind” and is developed from various inspirations; primarily my own imagination. Bases are painted wooden blocks unless otherwise noted. Each Being has secrets to share and stories to tell. I look forward to hearing which one speaks to you and am happy to answer any questions or further discuss.

Unique Little Love Angel


Unique LITTLE LOVE ANGEL will envelope you or someone you love in the warmth of her benevolent wings and charm you with her cherubic smile.

Hand beaded, machine quilted wings. Approx. 18” tall.



Tranquil as still waters, SERENA soothes and heals her friends with a gentle touch. Embellished with beads and a “jeweled” dragonfly pin. Approximately 18” tall.

Regal Wisdom Goddess


STANDING TALL, this regal Wisdom Goddess shares insight and ancient knowledge with all who come to know her. Embellished with goddess pendant. Approximately 23” tall.



Agnes, the aging hippie, hasn’t forgotten that Peace and Love are what life’s all about. A peace sign, beads, flower headdress and a hand sculpted pet bird prove that she’s the real thing. Approx. 17” tall.

Wonkie One


Skeptical WONKIE #ONE is wondering just what in the heck is going on in the world today. Expect late night conversations on the topic with this fellow. He may disagree with you, but it’s bound to be interesting. Approx. 21” tall.

Wonkie Two


“The most Important Moment is Now!”  hollers WONKIE #TWO with his toothy grin. He wants us to never forget this very important but easily forgotten fact. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow doesn’t exist. Yep. His truth is undeniable. Approx. 23” tall.

Wonkie Three


WONKIE THREE is as goofy as they come. She has a good heart but don’t believe a thing she says. Seriously. Don’t say you haven’t been warned. Approx. 21” tall.

The Power of Three


THE POWER OF THREE – this cat shaman features an individually hand sculpted and painted face, sticks, shadow box belly, beads, fabric, bits of gold leaf and vintage found objects. Wall hanging. Approx. 15” tall.

Butterflies are Free


BUTTERFLIES ARE FREE – this cat shaman features a hand sculpted and painted face, found objects, sticks, fabric and homespun yarn. Approx. 16” tall. Wall hanging.

The Birdies

Each Birdie’s face is individually hand sculpted from polymer clay and painted with layers of acrylics. Beaks are internally reinforced with wire to give them extra strength. No molds are ever used and no two are alike. Some are inspired by real birds and others spring entirely from my own imagination but none are intended to represent actual birds. Birdie bodies are polyfil stuffed fabric. Legs are fabric and thread wrapped wire and go up through the body into their heads for balance and sturdiness. Bases are usually painted wooden blocks unless otherwise noted. Each unique, one-of-a-kind Birdie has it’s own secret songs and ways of bringing joy and sunshine to the world. Who sings to you? Please let me know if you have further questions or would like to discuss.

Freckled Hook-Bill


This FRECKLED HOOK-BILL is a terrible flirt and her supersized heart is always in over-drive. Admirers flock around her just for the chance to look into her blue, blue eyes and fall under the spell of her laughter; each one hoping that they’ll be the one who gets chosen for the last dance. Approx. 19”tall.

Raspberry Bulgey Brain


This RASPBERRY BULGEY-BRAIN is the literary master of the flock. She loves to quote Edgar Allen Poe and finds a way to answer almost any question you might ask with “Nevermore” then cackles like an old hen. Happy little birdie. No one has the heart to tell her she isn’t a Raven. Approx. 18” tall.

Golden Winged Sweetie-Pie


This GOLDEN-WINGED SWEETIE-PIE thinks life is absolutely delightful and delicious. If you need a dose of “happy,” she’s your girl.  Approx. 18” tall.

Yellow-Cheeked Spotted Squawker


This YELLOW-CHEEKED SPOTTED SQUAWKER greets each morning with a song. Just let her know if you prefer rock and roll, country or an aria. She is happy to oblige with almost any genre. Approx. 18” tall.

The Aqua Parrottie


THE AQUA PARROTTIE is well known for it’s ability to infect human beings with giggles, guffaws and belly laughs. Caution is recommended as the condition appears to be highly contagious. Approx. 19” tall.

Baubles & Bits

You may find a changing array of things in Baubles and Bits: canvas ornaments, book marks and journals, mixed media talismans or other things as yet undetermined, based entirely on the whims of my muse and whichever way the wind blows…

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