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International Doll Artists

Lisa Engel

Isn’t it just magic what can be created with a needle, thread and a small amount of wool? Threads condense into a wide variety of textiles that completely fascinate me. I switch intuitively between crochet and knitting needles. I use the needles of my sewing machine as well as well as stitching by hand. 

Helen Layfield

As we travel life’s rich journey we are immersed in the beliefs and values of family, society and culture. They are absorbed through our senses and stored deep within us. They make us who we are, and yet, as individuals, we are unique. We each understand and experience life differently, no two lives will be the same.

Making a figurative sculpture or fine art doll connects us on a very human level. There is an honesty in the human form that every one of us can connect to… we understand it, for it is us, in all our variations.

Kathryn Hall

I am primarily a doll maker with a passion for creating original, one of a kind beings utilizing  polymer and epoxy clay, fabrics, sticks, wire, yarn, beads, repurposed and found objects and  miscellaneous doo-dads. Each face is intuitively hand sculpted, then painted with layers of  acrylics. I delight in bold colors and expressions, often with exaggerated and/or whimsical  features.  

I am deeply interested in doll-making as a healing art form and have found that many of my  beings are quite personal; representing some aspect of who I am, who I wish I was or who I wish I wasn’t.